l�szermentesítés ajánlatkérés

Our extensive knowledge and experience has helped to build the future of the company. In addition to this knowledgebase we have our up-to-date equipments, which include the newest German explosive exploratory devices and equipment-systems, IT background and also the safe, professional and controllable technologies created by the company.

Detektor Plussz 11 continuously trains professional employees to enhance steady improvement. We constantly monitor the development of the newest military devices used at war zones, explosive ordnance detection and disposal equipments, measuring instruments and devices used during on-site disposal. According to these, we regularly update our training material.

We have international presence and we have studied ordnance, bomb and mine disposal technologies in several countries. Based on our past and present professional background we are in close connection with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Warship Battalion of the Hungarian Defence Forces and also with a professional explosive ordnance and mine disposal institution in Germany. We possess licence for the use of the German database. Thus we are able to follow and test every development in the field of EOD, also when adaptable, we transfer them to Hungarian conditions.

We have a specialization in the detection and disposal of ordnances in areas of land as well. There is an increasing demand for the deep sunk, high weight, massive bomb disposal at construction sites, which were bombed areas but now already equipped with public utility connections. Parameters of conventional ordnance disposal equipments were inadequate for such tasks and over the past decade, our company has continuously developed all equipments. By now Detektor Plussz 11 has the most secure and modern instrumentation to represent professional standard in EOD industry. Foreign and national clients pose challenges that require high professional expertise which we are able to meet - in the same level as any international, especially German technical standard - with the highest quality in every respect. We draw our strength also from these facts and we consciously keep high quality, safety and professionalism in mind and continue on with our explosive ordnance and bomb detection systems and providing area clearance services.

We proudly look back on our professional activities and references during the past ten years. As for the future, we have opened new perspectives with our work in related activities of the professional field both in Hungary and on international level.


Our company is a member of the Defence Industry Association of Hungary (MVSZ-Magyar V�delmiipari Sz�vets�g) and founding member of the PAX Hung�ria Mines and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Association (PAX Hung�ria Akna �s L�szermentes�t� Sz�vets�g).

Quality Assurance

We implemented quality management system at our company in accordance with standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009.
We possess all permits required to maintain explosive detection and explosive disposal operations.
Located explosives are dismantled and demolished by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Corps of the Hungarian Defence Forces.

Magyar Honvédség 1. Honvéd T�zszerész és Hadihajós Zászlóalj Magyar Védelmiipari Szövetség Pax Hungária


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