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Detektor Plussz 11 was founded in 1998 by professional mines and explosive ordnance disposal technicians, after they had finished their service at the Hungarian Defence Forces. Detektor Plussz 11 is a prospering company for over a decade. Our activities consist of the detection, removal and area disposal of bombs and ammunition, in other words military explosive ordnances, which are hidden under layers of soil today as well. We use a range of EOD equipment for searching and dealing with unexploded ordnances.

Detektor Plussz 11 is a Hungarian owned company and we employ experienced Hungarian explosive disposal professionals. Our leading technicians have conducted daily activities of unexploded ordnance disposal in Hungarian land and in war zones of various countries for over a decade. They have helped with their particular experience to draw the life back into normal channels and to ensure the security of military units.

Our company is a member of the Defence Industry Association of Hungary (MVSZ-Magyar V�delmiipari Sz�vets�g) and founding member of the PAX Hung�ria Mines and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Association (Akna �s L�szermentes�t� Sz�vets�g). We implemented quality management system at our company in accordance with standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009.


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