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We carry out EOD activities both in the ground and in water!
Explosive ordnance detection and disposal in Hungary is generally up to a depth of 3 meters in the ground. These activities account for most of our projects. We recommend these services for large, continuous areas, for highway and road constructions!

In addition various, greater depth and precision measurement technologies are also available. Massive and unexploded bombs stop in the soil significantly deeper than 3 meters. With our specific equipment systems, we are specialized in the tracing of such bombs!

We provide this service for various construction projects, such as parking garages, office buildings, bridges, buildings with diaphragm walls and security investments!

Production of technical documentation for explosive ordnance disposal. This service is offered for architects, planners!

With regard to ordnance detection in the ground, traditional and precision ordnance detection measurement systems at great depths, underwater instrumental ordnance detection and area ordnance clearance, we have references to an extent of several million square meters!

Our explosive ordnance detection and disposal services have been utilized in the following fields:

  • Overall areas of highways, federal highways, roads, bypass roads and bicycle paths.
  • In the construction of bridges, overpasses, interchanges and railway investments.
  • Overall areas of investments in the field of industrial and commercial facilities, industrial parks, utility connections, fixed facilities and waterworks.
  • In the area of diaphragm walls, pillars, columns and subways.
  • Areas of bomb targeted zones, main roads, railway stations, rail lines and facility sites located in surrounding areas.
  • Security investments:
    • Areas of former and currently functioning Hungarian, former Soviet and international military and civilian airports.
    • Sites of power plants.
    • Areas of Hungarian and former Soviet military barracks.
    • Shooting and training grounds.
    • Other areas of specific, defense investments.
    • Premises of gas stations, areas of gas and other chemicals deposits.
We do not disclose detailed information about security investments!

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