lőszermentesítés ajánlatkérés

  • Explosive ordnance detection and ordnance disposal with instruments in water, under water and water covered areas.
  • Explosive ordnance detection and ordnance disposal with instruments in the soil in various ground depths depending on the client's technical needs and also taking the military history of the given area into account.
  • Security investments, overall explosive ordnance and bomb disposal in areas of civil and military airports.
  • Advice service regarding detection or disposal of any ordnance, bomb, mine, military explosive, area clearance and other related topics.
  • Assistance for planners, constructors, investors and owners for safe preparation of the site in line with existing legislation and the implementation of construction projects.
  • Technical information and technical documentation for the specific area.
  • Instrumental soil studies in multiple aspects with various measuring instruments in accordance with client’s technical requirements.
  • Automatic and manual clearing of the ground vegetation, to the extent necessary for ordnance disposal; with environmentally friendly technology on existing green areas and on the grounds of national parks.
  • Automatic and manual removal of ground vegetation on the investment areas.
  • Mechanical Excavation.

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